Kyosho TF7.7 Carbon Fibre Upper Plate, Soft Bladders & Shock Pistons


Kyosho have introduced new optional parts for the TF7.7 in the form of a carbon fibre upper plate, a set of four soft bladders and two sets of two 2 X 1.2mm and 2 X 1.1mm shock pistons.  First up is the carbon fibre upper plate. Machined from 1.6mm high-quality carbon fibre, the thinner top plate increases stability and traction on high grip surfaces when combined with V2 chassis by optimizing chassis flex. Also new are the bladders, coming more softer than the standard ones to provide less rebound. Finally Kyosho offer two sets of two shock pistons with 2 1.2mm holes or 2 1.1mm holes to tune the TF7.7 depending track conditions.

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