Gollner & Riedmann win At Austrian Indoor Nationals


Last weekend, was held a round of the Austrian Electric On-road Nationals at the Trinko Racing Hall in Mistelbach. The race was held in three Touring Car classes including Pro10 S GT, TW-Stock, TW-Modified and the 1/12 Modified class. In the Touring Car Modified it was clear that it was only about the question of whether Sascha Klug or Patrick Gollner (XRAY) would prevail. After the heats, everything looked like a victory for S.Klug, but P.Gollner worked tirelessly on the set-up and P.Gollner actually managed to put pressure on S.Klug in the finals, so that he could finally win the day’s victory while Christian Luyer secured third place.

The Touring Car Stock class saw really good and fair duels. At the front Robin Riedmann – again and again under pressure from Christian Strobl (XRAY). Behind (with a small margin) a strong-moving Johannes Neumaier, the ever-faster Alexander Sorg, In the end, it was the consistency and the speed of R.Riedmann that secured him the day’s victory. C.Strobl and J.Neumaier rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY