Team Associated CR12 Toyota FJ45 Pick-Up RTR Trail Series Scale 4×4 truck


Team Associated have introduced the new CR12 Trail Series Scale 4×4 truck. This rig comes Ready-To-Run with Reedy Power electronics and meets S.O.R.R.C.A. class 1 and 2 rules right out of the box. No need to prep or build your rig; just charge it and you’re ready to hit the trails. Designed not only for scale looks with realistic wheels, tires and 1977 Toyota FJ45 body, the CR12 is built for performance as well. The steel ladder frame chassis provides the perfect backbone for this rugged little rig. The 4-link suspension, threaded shocks, and soft rubber tires give the grip and performance needed to climb over the roughest terrain. Transferring power to the rocks is a compact 3-gear transmission, plastic low-friction slider-type drive shafts, front steel CVA axles, and metal shield ball bearings throughout. The official 1977 Toyota FJ45 body comes in blue and grey colors.

Source: Team Associated