Bittydesign JP8HR 190mm Touring Car body shell


Bittydesign have introduced the new JP8HR body shell for 190mm Touring Cars. The JP8HR project is born with the intention to meet the needs of Bittydesign International team drivers who asked to create an all new ultra downforce body shell that can maintain the look and lines of the JP8 body but with more rotation in the corners; the focus of attention during the design and development stage was therefore the achievement of a greater fluidity in the central steering phase.

Thanks to an excellent production process, which guarantees a high homogeneity of the material in any area of the body, the Italian brand have reached a good compromise between weight and durability of the product. Several track tests have revealed excellent impact resistance giving the JP8’s extremely longevity; the light weight version also meet the new “90gr” ETS rule.

The ultra-high aerodynamic body shell generates a very fast and precise steering but the shapes and design of the rear part guarantee the stability needed to make the model drivable; it is really easy to push to the limit and get your best laptime, the feeling of driving is excellent immediately both on the indoor and outdoors tracks on asphalt. For high-grip carpet (ETS and CRC) Bittydesign recommend positioning the body not forward but neutral, this configuration proved to be the best on high-tight surfaces.

Source: Bittydesign