Yokomo YD-2SXII EP drift car kits


Yokomo have introduced two YD-2SXII EP drift car kits, a standard kit and a Christmas Special Limited Edition. As well as the parts already included in the competitive YD-2SX, the new YD-2SXII will come with the following upgrade parts:

  • Curved aluminum steering slide rack (Y2-202SRS)
  • Short rear suspension arm(Y2-008RS)
  • Suspension mount (Y2-301D2 and E2)
  • Aluminum rear shock tower (Y2-018ARS)
  • The latest front and rear hub carrier (Y2-415CPf and CPR)
  • Steering lock stopper (Y2-415SA4)

These updated parts create a premium chassis for driver who want a top notch car for drift competitions.

To celebrate the YD-2SXII, Yokomo also release a Christmas Special Limited Edition with red alloy parts. Only 300 kits will be produced at the same price as theYD-2SXll. Both kits will be available at the end of December.

Source: Yokomo