Iberian Shepherd Race Report


The inaugural Iberian Shepherd Race was held at the ARCA track in Alcobendas, Madrid last weekend. The event was held in the five classes of 1/8th IC Track, 1/8th EP, 1/10th 200mm Touring, 1/8th GT and Formula and it attracted international top drivers like Edu Escandón and Simon Kurzbuch to show their performance on the track while of course helping others in the pits. In the 1/8th IC Track class it was S.Kurzbuch who took the win from Ruben Olivares on the runner-up spot and Sergio Montesino, who rounded out an all-Shepherd podium in third.

In 1/8th EP it was Alberto González with the win from Javier Godoy in second and Aritz Tamayo in third (all Shepherd).

The 1/8 GT class saw Carlos Espinosa walking away with the win from Jorge Tellez.

In 1/10th 200mm Jorge Martinez (Shepherd) came out on top from Isaac Amoros (WRC) and Jose Miguel Blanco (Shepherd) in second and third respectively.

Finally in the Formula class it was Alex Aroca (Roche) who took the winning honours from Javi Mariscal (Shepherd) in second and Javier López Lobato in third.

Source: Shepherd