XRS Slovenia Rd1 Report


The 2018/19 season of the XRS Slovenia started at the Genius Ring in Medeuzza. The track layout stayed the same, but the driving direction was clockwise. Drivers from 6 different countries Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy and Slovenia attended the race. In the TC 13.5 Stock class it was Bernard Alain Arnaldi (XRAY) on pole, followed by XRAY duo of Edoardo Repetti and Rok Rudl. In the F1 class it was three XRAY drivers in the top 3 with Matej Dobnikar on pole, followed by Andrea Ghilotti and Valentin Mis.In the TC 13.5 Stock class it was a fight for victory between B.A. Arnaldi and E.Repetti. In the first final it was as close as possible…just 1,5 tenth separating both at the end. In the second final B.A.Arnaldi pulled away and won with a bigger gap. In the last final both were again very close, but B.A.Arnaldi already won the race from E.Repetti while R.Rudl came in third.

In the F1 it was a big fight between M.Dobnikar and A.Ghilotti…sometimes too much fight, which costed both a lot of time especially in the second final, where Luca Girotto (Infinity) took the opportunity and went to second place. With M.Dobnikar winning the first and second final the winner was already known and also the second place was quite good in hands of A.Ghilotti, but the battle for third was still alive. Since V.Mis lost also a lot of time in the second final, he needed to finish second in the last final in order to chase the last podium spot together with L.Girotto. At the end he got the last podium place.

Source: XRAY