Bittydesign JP8 1/10 TC 190mm Lightweight body Pre-Cut


Bittydesign have introduced a pre-cut version of the  JP8 1/10 TC 190mm lightweight body. Not only the 100% pre-cut JP8 represents unparalleled comfort and considerable time savings, but it also ensures perfection and precision of cutting (and holes) made with CNC machines not reachable by hand made cut. The rear wing is already pre-cut to 40x20mm size. To optimize the performance the pre-cut has been made with shell forwarded 5mm, ideal condition for most outdoor and indoor (carpet) track. XRAY, Awesomatix, Associated and Destiny will be the first 4 models available, following in next weeks also the pre-cut version for the new Yokomo BD9.

Source: Bittydesign