Hong Nor 2019 X3 GTS 1/8 Nitro GT kit


Hong Nor have introduced the new 2019 X3 GTS 1/8 nitro GT kit. The X3 GTS features an aluminum 7075 CNC lightweight chassis stiffened by front and rear aluminum CNC chassis braces. The GT car uses numerous aluminium parts such as 6 degree C hubs, rear hubs FF/RR suspension brackets and aluminium posts for the 150cc fuel tank. The X3 GTS has complete driveshafts with center joint cups in aluminium while the transmission uses sealed differentials M0.8 drive system with CNC machined hardened 43 tooth bevel gear and 13 tooth pinion gears. The aluminum 3-shoe clutch comes with an aluminum clutch gear to provide quicker response. The aluminum brake caliper set uses aluminum CNC brake discs to povide less fading during a run. The 2019 X3 GTS features 16mm big bore shocks with high hardened steel shock springs attached on 4mm front and rear carbon fibre shock towers. The car features also an enhanced servo saver spring, front and rear sway bars, a large foam bumper, big rear diffuser and rear body fasten set.

Source: Hong Nor