ARC R11 2019 electric Touring Car kit


ARC have introduced the new R11 2019 electric Touring Car kit.

The 2019 edition features a new front bumper and lower bulkhead. The new bumper moves the body posts 6mm inward each side while also raising the height along the bottom edge. This reduces scrubbing during corner and increases steering. The new lower bulkhead that lower the anti-roll bar to lower the overall center gravity, and well match the new bumper to avoid crash broken.

Also new is the plastic 20T center pulley. While a 20T aluminum center pulley was used on R11 2018, ARC have now produced this pulley in plastic. Compared to the aluminum pulley the plastic one is lighter for faster acceleration but with the same smoothness.

The R11 2019 comes with new front steering block and rear upright. The steering plate on the new steering block is now changeable, allowing drivers to use different steering plates to fine tune the setup for different surfaces and levels of traction. The new front steering block also allows drivers to adjust the axle height by adding/removing shims. The new rear upright comes with only one hole position at the inside hole of the old upright. The new rear upright designed to give more precise rear toe angle and stronger against impact forces.

The new Ultra short shock has been designed to give quicker handling response and uses the same springs as the previous short shock. ARC have designed 2 different rear shock towers – the standard using long lower ball ends which provide more traction and more rotation, while the optional rear shock tower uses short lower ball ends giving the car quicker response which is desirable in higher traction conditions and tracks with lots of chicanes.

The new optional floating receiver/ESC mount has been designed to mount the receiver and ESC onto the centrally mounted floating plate. The floating plate minimizes heat transfer from the ESC to the chassis and allows the chassis to flex more evenly. The floating receiver/ESC mount also allows drivers to easily transfer their electronics to another chassis without the tedious and messy removal of double-sided tape, the optional brass made mount @30g also available.

An upgrade kit for R11 2018 kit upgrade into R11 2019 is available , the upgrade kit included new lower bulkhead ,new bumper set , new ultra short shock set and new steering block and rear upright, the 20t plastic center pulley X2 also included.

Source: ARC