Markus Hellquist Wins At Arena 1/12 League Rd1


The first round of the brand new Arena 1/12 League was a two day event that took place between over the weekend. The race was held at the famous Arena33 in Andernach, Germany. This is the beginning of a new international series in 1/12 scale cars, and it saw competitors from across Europe. The race is running 3 different classes of 1/12 scale racing: GT, Stock and Modified. The carpet was just recently changed to a brand new ETS carpet, and the layout was the same as the German nationals the week before, and therefore the grip was already high upon arrival.

The qualifications were based on the classic round by round system where 2 out of 4 qualifications was counted. Markus Hellquist (XRAY) managed to set a perfect first qualification round, making the first spot while being over a lap faster than second place. But after the first qualification M.Hellquist struggled and he wasn’t able to win any more qualification rounds and finished in second behind Markus Mober (Roche).

The first final saw the typical F1 starting grid and after the start M.Hellquist fell down to third spot, but he managed to work itself up, and after some passes and mistakes from the cars ahead, he managed to win the first final.

In the second final M.Mobers was in the lead and M.Hellquist waited for a mistake from his part, but it never arrived. M.Hellquist spent 8 minutes behind M.Mobers without being able to pass and it was clear that the third final would decide the winner.

In the third final M.Mobers did an early mistake, and M.Hellquist was able to pass into the lead. He managed to extend his lead to the second placed car. At this point M.Hellquist tried to just drive easy and controlled, to claim the victory, but instead he made an unforced mistake and ended up on the roof. He was passed by second placed car and since he knew he needed to win, he did everything could to catch up. M.Hellquist did a few more mistakes, but in the end he was able to regain the lead and keep it to the finish line. M.Mobers was not so far behind at the end and finished the third final in second place while his team mate, Jacques Libar (Roche) rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY