Shepherd Velox V10 ‘Nineteen’ upgrade set


Just in time for the upcoming World Championship 1/10 on-road in Miami Shepherd have introduced the upgrade set called ‘nineteen’ for Velox V10. The set contains new rear lower wishbones, new hinge pin brackets as well as a new rear upper arm mount. The updated hinge pin position makes the Velox V10 turn faster into corners without loosing traction while a higher overall cornering speed is achived. The hinge pin brackets are made of high quality 7075 T6 aluminium with blue or black anodizing finish while the upper arm mount his milled from high-quality carbon fibre material. The lower wishbones have been completly redesigned to fit the updated geometry and are injected with premium composite material. They are also available as a hard version with additional glas fibre to better suit hot conditions.

Source: Shepherd