Team Corally SSX-10 1/10 World GT Pan chassis


Team Corally have introduced the new SSX-10 1/10 scale World GT pan chassis. Carally’s engineering team started from scratch and questionned every detail from the ground-up. The SSX-10 features nicely machined first class carbon fibre, precision machined aluminium parts and high strength composite plastic parts.

The engineering team focussed on the front-end adjustability, easy to adjust rear-end and the overall flex dynamics of the car. They also made the car easy to understand and to adjust by cutting down unnessary adjustment possibilities. You get on the track faster with the right settings.


  • Precision cut 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis
  • Adjustable front ride height
  • Adjustable front camber – caster
  • 7075 alloy front upper arm holder
  • High strength composite plastics
  • Easy to adjust rear ride height
  • Torsion free 1 piece rear axle holder
  • Precision grinded graphite rear axle
  • Super smooth ball differential
  • 7075 alloy rear wheel carriers
  • Delrin CNC machined main gear
  • 7075 alloy motor pod
  • Front bumper – chassis protector

Source: Team Corally