Team Associated FT titanium turnbuckle sets


Team Associated have added to their range of Factory Team option parts new sets of titanium turnbuckles. These silver titanium turnbuckles bring strength, light weight to your links and a a factory look. They are available for for B6 and B6.1 series including 6 turnbuckles (3x48mm), for T6.1 including 6 turnbuckles (2 3x58mm and 4 3×67.31mm), for ProSC10 including 6 turnbuckles (3x67mm), for F6 including 4 turnbuckles (2 3x58mm and 3×38 mm), and for TC7.1 including 7 turnbuckles ( 1 3×20.96mm, 2 3×47.63mm, 4 3×34.92mm).

Source: Team Associated