Argus 21-GT & Evo nitro engines


Argus have introduced two new nitro engines for GT cars in the form of the 21-GT and 21-GT Evo engines. First up is the 21-GT engine providing strong torque to move the heavy GT vehicles around while still delivering power and high RPM performance. The cooling head features a stable and predicitable heat transferring and low gravity. The power plant utilises a 3-port sleeve producing a liner power and a low fuel consumption. The three needle carburettor is more precise and easy to tune.

Next up is the 21-GT Evo engine. It share the same main features but brings some improvements such as a dynamic equilibrium crankshaft for smooth and improved acceleration, front and back high speed ceramic ball bearing to reduce the resistance of rotating mass, a new crankcase covered with heat sinks with black color which has the better cooling efficiency and to reduce weight, this pin is made hollow.

Source: Argus Model Co.