Yokomo YD-2 brake disc & caliper set


Yokomo have introduced new a set of realistic brake discs and calipers for the YD-2. The brake discs, available in three thickness, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm and 8.0 mm feature an integral hexagonal hub to be able to mount the wheels. The brake calipers, which can be mounted to new front steering knuckles and rear hub carriers come in gunmetal color to better represent the realistic look and finish of a real car.

The set comes with new plastic steering knuckles and rear hub carriers in order to be able to fit the calipers, which will be shaped to match the latest spec settings. The new steering knuckles are set for the optimum trail and kingpin angle which where referenced from the dynamics of a real drift car so steering response is improved while increasing the looks while counter steering.

The steering stopper and tie rod mounting positions are also updated to the latest specifications, and the operation when increasing the steering angle also becomes smoother. The rear hub carriers are designed with new upper arm attachment positions. This new positioning allows an increase in the range of setting the roll center and the camber change to the rear, making it possible to positively utilize the roll especially when at a low grip surface such as P tile. By keeping more of the contact area when the chassis rolls by raising the upper arm attachment position this will ensure more stable grip in the lateral direction, realizing aggressive drifting.

The brake disc and caliper set will be available in October.

Source: Yokomo