Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 1S speed controller


Muchmore have introduced the new Fleta Pro V2 1S brushless speed controller. The ESC features a compact and lightweight design to fit to a variety layout on the chassis and also ease the adjust chassis balance. The Fleta Pro V2 1S speed controller features a full aluminium case improving heat dissipation and uses an on/off internal switch make the wiring convenient. it comes with new type SHR program card connector and can be only used with it.


  • Current Continuous: 120A, Burst 830A
  • Input: 3-4 cells NiMH/NiCd or 1S LiPo
  • Built-in BEC: Super linear 6V@3.5A switching DC-DC booster
  • Suitable Car: 1/12 scale on-road competition
  • Suitable Motor: Over 3.0T
  • Supported Motor Type: 540 size 2 pole brushless with sensor type
  • Size: 30.5 x 36.5 x 16.5mm
  • Weight: 9.6g (without Wire, Capacitor and Cooling fan)

Source: Muchmore Racing