Martin Ferrero takes Argentina 1/8 IC Track title


16 years old Martin Ferrero, son of mutiple national champion Fabio Ferrero won the Argentina National Championship. Martin and his father, together with the whole Shepherd team worked hard all the weekend for this victory. Starting first place Martin immediately pulled a gap to the field mastering the tough conditions of the technical track. Perfect pit-work by his father and perfect driving by Martin resulting in a start-finish win. Augusto Quinteros (Serpent) came in second while Federico Solima rounded out the podium.

Final result:

  1. Martin Ferrero Shepherd Velox V8
  2. Augusto Quinteros
  3. Federico Solima
  4. Facundo Gulino
  5. Adrian Frigerio Shepherd Velox V8
  6. Hugo Bruera Shepherd Velox V8
  7. Gabriel Funes Shepherd Velox V8
  8. Matias Garcia
  9. Eduardo Bustos Jr Shepherd Velox V8
  10. Fabricio Maugeri

Source: Shepherd