Arrowmax Red Silicon Graphene LiHV batteries


Arrowmax have introduced the new Red Silicon Graphene LiHV battery packs. The Silicon Graphene chemistry provides better cycle life, higher average voltage and offer an low internal resistance. The packs are specially designed for competition use and are available in shorty (5200mAh/7.4V/120C), 4S block for 1/8 (5200mAh and 6750mAh/14.8V/110C), Touring Car Ultra Low Profile ( 5200mAh/7.4V/110C), Touring Car Low Profile (6200mAh/7.4V/130C), and 1/12 shorty (4000mAh/7.4V/120C and 8000mAh/3.7V/120C).

Source: Arrowmax