Bill Vasilis Lykaris crowned Greek 1/10 nitro champion


The fifth round of the Greek 1/10 nitro championship was held at the FRT (Fanatix Racing Track) in north of Athens. After 4 rounds of qualification Dimitris Papadopoulos took the TQ and Nikos Karabelas (Shepherd) managed to get the second spot in the starting grid of the A-main. Third position was taken by Kostas Sidiropoulos with B.Lykaris in fourth and Labros Tsiklitiras (Shepherd) in fifth. At the beginning of the A-Main final N.Karabelas lost some time due to some engine issues. B.Lykaris jumped into second followed by K.Sidiropoulos, with L.Tsiklitiras having electronic problems. A flame out in the pits from D.Papadopoulos gave B.Lykaris the opportunity to take over the lead and crossing the finish line fist. D.Papadopoulos came in second and N.Karabelas in third. After this win and after winning four races out of five, B.Lykaris has secured the title for the third year in a row.

Source: Shepherd