2018 Arrowmax Cup Rd2 report


The second round of the 2018 Arrowmax Cup was held in Shanghai. In the Dash 21.5T F1 class it was Jimmy Qian who took the overall TQ and the win in front of Xiao zhuo in second and Hannes in third.

In the Dash 13.5T Touring Car class Simon (VBD) won all six rounds of qualifying and also the finals from Jia jin in second while Hannes came in third.

The Touring Car Modified class was the most competitive. In the first qualifying Serpent driver Rocket Zhang took the win with less than 1 second from Kenny. In the second qualifying Motorking took the win as R.Zhang tyre was broken at 3 minutes. The third qualifying R.Zhang changed his setup and with fresh tyre he managed to win by over 10 seconds from the driver in second. In the first final R.Zhang broke again his tyre after 3 minutes and letting Motorking took the win. In the second final R.Zhang has a clean race and took the win. Jimmy Qian took the win in the last final. After 3 finals Motorking brought home the win from J.Qian in second and R.Zhang in third.

Source: Arrowmax