Liptak & Havranek win at Czech IC Track Nats Rd3


Third round of Czech championship was held in Svitavy over the weekend. Qualifying rounds will be held in wet conditions. Tomas Liptak (XRAY) stared on pole position in 1/8 and Oliver Havranek (XRAY) took the overall TQ in 1/10. After a nice battle with Martin Zvára and very close in the last 5 minutes after T.Liptak crashed and eventualy he managed to take the win 4 seconds in front of M. Zvára in second and Miroslav Jurenka in third.

In 1/10 it was O. Havránek who took the win from Michal Abrahámek (XRAY) while Michal Jansa rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY