2018 EFRA 1/10 IC Track European Championships report


The 2018 EFRA 1/10 IC Track European Championships were held at the Vila Real track in Portugal last week. The track is famous for really long corners and a super long straight. Robert Pietsch (Mugen) took the overall TQ and Dario Balestri (Infinity) managed to win the super pole from Alessio Mazzeo (XRAY). At the begin of the final the first corner costed much time and positions to many drivers. After a big fight with 3 drivers A. Mazzeo recovered the gap with the group fighting for the first position. After the first refueling he was third. After 9 minutes he have done his first tyre change, only the right tires and after more 18 minutes he have done the second tyre change. After this tyre change only Teemu Leino (Infinity) was in front of him and he has done only one tyre change. A. Mazzeo pushed to recovered the gap until 0,2tenths but in the last 2 minutes he stopped for a fast refueling that cost him the victory. T. Leino took the win and the title in front of A. Mazzeo and Francesco Tironi (Infinity) rounded out the top 3.

Source: XRAY