Yokomo YD-2 & YD-4 Diffusor Sets


Yokomo have introduced new sets of diffusors the YD-2 and YD-4 series of EP Drift cars. These diffusors will improve the chassis performance by enhancing the aero dynamic performance of the chassis, such as what is already being applied to on 1/1 scale drifting and racing cars. This new optional parts have been redesigned in its shape, pitch and groove depth several times and have earned validation in numerous events on several types of surface conditions.

First up is the front diffusor. It greatly improves the front grip and steering performance when entering a corner or snapping transitions. The response of the car to the steering operation becomes more of a direct feeling, and the control of the drift can be carried out as expected.

Next up is the under tray diffusor. By raising the airflow velocity on the bottom of the chassis and pulling out the rectified air to the rear section of the chassis, the driver can experience the freedom of drift under well controlled chassis characteristics such as smoothness with controllable stability. It will feel like being stuck to the road surface at a high speed but also epic drifting will still be possible at the same time.

The sideway diffusors improve grip feel. Chassis will be more stabilized and a smooth grip feeling can be realized also increasing top speed. By decreasing the gap between the chassis and the car body, the rigidity of the body is also improved.

These three sets will be available in August.

Source: Yokomo