Yokomo YD-2 & YD-4 Adjustable Rear Lower Short H Suspension Arms


Yokomo have introduced new aluminum adjustable rear lower short H arms for the YD-2 and YD- 4 1/10 electric Drift Cars. By shortening the rear lower suspension arm, the rear lower short arm improves rear traction performance and enables stable drift distance at a deeper angle. The use of aluminium as the material of the arm provides more rigidity, accuracy and weight to optimize drift performance.

The drift is more controllable and a linear operating feel which is essential for supreme drifting style. Adjustment spacers are also bundled for quick settings according to the road surface conditions. In addition, the bevel edge process has been applied to the new aluminum adjustable rear H arms for the finest luxury. The new aluminum adjustable rear lower H arm will be released at the end of July.

Source: Yokomo