Schumacher Mi6evo Ultra Short Shock Conversion Kit


Schumacher have introduced new ultra short shock conversion kit for the Mi6evo. The ultra short shock conversion provides the Mi6evo with a lower centre of gravity than the standard kit shocks and towers. Stroke has not been compromised, these shocks and towers actually give more stroke than a standard Mi6evo. These shocks have been used recently to gain those extra few 1/10th’s per lap as demonstrated by Michal Orlowski with his 3rd place at the ETS Hudy Arena. Kit includes all the parts required to convert to the Ultra Short Shocks, including a new 5.5 turn 1.4mm wire 3.0 (N/mm) Schumacher spring.


  • Lower centre of gravity.
  • Enhanced damping characteristics with a new larger diameter.
  • Reduced risk of traction roll on high grip circuits.
  • 3 and 4 hole pistons included.
  • New improved easier and more precise screw piston fixing, rather than traditional E Clip.
  • More stroke than standard Mi6evo shocks and towers. Important for bumpy tracks.
  • New seal pack housing with new ‘O’ ring’s for†improved sealing to prevent leakage.
  • Neat, super low towers.
  • Optional alloy spring seat available for even more stroke. (U7542)

Source: Schumacher Racing