2018 Turkish On-road Nationals report


The Izmir EFMOD track has hosted the 2018 Turkey On-road Nationals last weekend in changed weather conditions. The championships were held in four classes including Touring Stock, Touring Modified, 200mm Nitro Touring and 1/8 IC Track. In the Touring Stock class only powered with 13.5T stock motors and just-stock ESC, Ahmet Kasap (XRAY) took the win but the victory was very difficult since there were strong competition from Ali Kaya, Poyraz Serezlioğlu and Berk Öğretmen. Kaya was unlucky due to his university entrance exams, so he missed first race of A-main. A solid performance of Kasap helped him to win the title. The second place went to 12years old talent Serezlioğlu ahead his team mate Öğretmen.

The Touring Modified class it was full of exciting battles between Kasap and rookie talent Atahan Yıldız. Both raced fast and very similar lap times. Eventually Yıldız took the title at his first race season and Ahmet took the runner-up spot. The podium was completed by Yunus Şahin (XRAY).

In the 200mm Nitro Touring class, each day of race promised another story to racers. Excitement never ended till the end of race. After qualifications, Kaya took the overall TQ. After semi-finals, empty places filled and everybody was ready for 45-minute fight. Three different racers changed for the title within the race but finally Alain Sarafyan (XRAY) took the first place at the 44th lap and never looked back. Cengiz Sönmezler (XRAY) finished in second with the same lap of the winner and the podium was completed by Serezlioğlu.

The 1/8 IC Track class had the most professional drivers of the competition, full of fair play and unfortunately little bad luck for the some of racers was the summary of this class. 5 days full practice and trying different setups, correct and lucky strategy of Burak Özcan (XRAY) brought him 1/8 National Champion Title.Görkem Gür and Ali Çağlar rounded out the podium.

Source: XRAY