XRS Japan Report


The first ever XRS in Japan was held in Nagoya over the weekend. The event had a quite high number of entries and gave a chance to all XRAY drivers to be able to work with Toshihiko Hara who started helping them from Friday until Sunday. In F1 class, it was Tanii (XRAY) who dominated qualifications and finals and took the overall win from Sugimura and Sone.

Formula 1 XRAY Results

  1. Tanii – XRAY X1
  2. Nagasaki – XRAY X1

In the 21,5T Stock class, it was again Tanii who took the win in front of Kobayashi (XRAY) in second and Kobayashi in third.

21,5T Stock XRAY Results

  1. Kobayashi – XRAY T4
  2. Murase – XRAY T4
  3. Goto – XRAY T4

In 17,5T Stock class, Sasaki was on point in finals and took the win, followed by Eida in second and XRAY´s Asai in third.

17,5T Stock XRAY Results

  1. Asai – XRAY T4
  2. Tsuobi – XRAY T4
  3. Hattori – XRAY T4

In Modified class, currently on of the best Modified drivers Akio Sobue dominated and took the win from Kutsuna and Sasaki in second and third repectively.

Modified XRAY Results

  1. Ogino – XRAY T4
  2. Sawada – XRAY T4
  3. Uno – XRAY T4

Source: XRAY