XRAY 2-Way Flow Delrin Shock Piston Set


XRAY have introduced five sets of 2-way flow Delrin shock pistons for the XB8, XB8E, XT8 GTX and GTXE. Manufactured from specially-formulated composite material, the pistons provide smooth action & durability. Well-proven molding process ensures perfect piston roundness after production, so that the pistons move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in all four shocks.

These two-way flow shock pistons work in different ways when the piston travels up or down. With the rubber valve installed on the piston, 2 holes are closed when piston travels up… then when the piston travels down, the valve opens 2 extra holes so the oil flows through 2 more holes in total. This configuration allows for perfect landings from jumps, even with a soft shock set-up.

The 2-way flow Delrin shock pistons are available in set of two pistons in 5 holes (1.5mm) & 2-H. (1.0mm), 6 holes (1.3mm) & 2-H. (1.1mm) and (1.4mm) & 2-H. (1.1mm) and also 8 holes (1.2mm) & 2-H. (1.2mm) and (1.3mm) & 2-H. (1.2mm).

Source: XRAY