Pierre Delorme takes french Touring Stock title


Last weekend was held the fourth round of French Nats in Montbrison on the all new layout track. The track was fast and also have some very technical parts and very high grip. During the practices the grip increased a lot and in the Touring Stock 13.5 Blinky class Pierre Delorme (XRAY) took the overall TQ by winning four out of five legs with a good gap.

P. Delorme won easely the A1 thanks to small mistakes from Briac Berthoud (XRAY). In A2 after a bad start P. Delorme was under the pressure of Berthoud in the first lap and when he tried to overtook P. Delorme he hit and damaged his body. P. Delorme had to fix it and after he’s back on the track he managed to overtake the three drivers in front and took the win. In A3 Berthoud made a clean race and won the final in front of Mathias Rascol (XRAY) at the second spot despite he crashed and sitting 10th in the first lap.

With four TQs and wins in four rounds, P. Delorme is the new French Champion in the Touring Stock 13.5 Blinky class.

Top 3 Stock 13.5 Blinky:

  1. Pierre Delorme – XRAY T4
  2. Briac Berthoud – XRAY T4
  3. Mathias Rascol – XRAY T4

Jeremy Limoges (XRAY) made the perfect weekend by winning in both Touring Mod and Formula classes. In Formula his team mate Jean- Michel Varinardrounded out tin second and Willy Voisangrin came in third.

In the Touring Modified class it was Thomas Vigneron who finished in second and Alexandre Laurent (XRAY) in third.