Double Ceramic hybrid ceramic bearings & ceramic lube


California based company, Double Ceramic debuts into the RC scene with 3 new products in the form of two types of hybrid ceramic bearings and their all new ceramic infused lubricant. This new brand has the simple goal of taking the bearing market to the next level using proprietary technology. The first product focusing on reducing magnetic interference around the motor to maximize performance electric motor performance. Double Ceramic’s Full Ceramic 540 Motor Bearing (R2 ⅛ x ⅜ x 5/32) achieves this with the use of Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) balls and races, which has 80% less friction than bare chrome steel balls, while also being 40% lighter. This results in less centrifugal force on the balls and less heat generation between the balls and races. This bearing also uses a variation of our custom molded PEEK cage, resulting in no magnetic interference in brushless motors. This means the rotor is free to spin up to speed quicker and achieve a higher RPM since the magnetic interference is eliminated on the bearing. The Full Ceramic Motor Bearing also contains no shielding, further reducing friction and increasing high RPM capability.

The second product is the Double Ceramic (ceramic coated) 540 Motor Bearing (R2 ⅛ x ⅜ x 5/32) . This bearing isn’t constructed with the standard ceramic bearing formula. The differences?

Both the inner and outer races are hardened chrome steel, coated with our super slippery and proprietary Double Ceramic (ceramic coating), resulting in 10x less friction than our low friction ceramic silicon nitride material. The balls are Silicon Nitride. (Si3N4) 80% less friction and 40% less weight relative to chrome steel. This bearing uses a custom molded cage (the part that houses the balls) designed to retain lubrication and minimize vibration at high RPM. This is further optimized by employing a material called PEEK (polyetheretherketone), an ultra hard plastic retaining high tensile strength at temperatures as high as 400℉. This means that the cage won’t break down due to the heat created when spinning at high RPM. It also utilizes a shield on one side, further reducing friction while still allowing lubrication retention and protection from debris. Altogether, every single part and surface have been re-designed to create the most precise, fastest, lowest friction bearing we can build. This bearing has significantly less friction when compared to our full ceramic bearings.

The third and final product is Double Ceramic’s “DOPE” Ceramic Infused Bearing Lube. This revolutionary lube utilizes ultra low friction nano-ceramic particles. These particles are infused into a high temperature, solvent free, naturally ultra-low viscosity (not thinned out) base oil, allowing the balls in a bearing to ride on the ceramic particles when this lubricant is used. In simple terms, it creates a temporary ceramic coating on the balls to reduce friction. This lubricant can be used on both ceramic and standard steel ball bearings.

Double Ceramic plans to release a full line of ceramic bearing kits for most current makes and models in both on-road, off-road, Electric & Nitro. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Source: Double Ceramic