Axialfest 2018 Essentials EP. 1


Axialfest 2018 is almost here and AMain Hobbies are excited to release their first Axialfest Essentials video to help you better prepare for this four day event. Like the video says even if you are not attending Axialfest these videos can be useful for you if you attend any crawling events in the future.

“We understand how exciting and stressful preparing can be, so we hope that these videos will help out.” – AMain Hobbies

In this video AMain’s Matt Hauck will talk about the gear you do not want to leave behind as you head out to Axialfest 2018. First and foremost making a checklist is always a great idea and it makes you organized. Your checklist should include everything that you may need and more because it is always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

You can download the complete Axialfest Checklist here.

Your checklist should include items like these:

  • Headgear, sunglasses & sunscreen to protect you from the sun during the daily events
  • Powerstrip & extension cords for power
  • Fans for your pit table to help cool you off
  • A First Aid kit is always an essential item to have for any small emergencies
  • Portable speaker/music to keep the the time in your camp more enjoyable
  • Tent stakes & a hammer or mallet to help keep your easy ups or tent in place.
  • Warm clothing for night events
  • Medication for any headaches or pain relievers
  • Toiletries, towels, toilet paper & soap – Necessary if you want to shower
  • Lots of water because it is important that you stay hydrated throughout the four days
  • Snack & energy bars for a quick fix while you are on the trails
  • Food for your bigger meals throughout the day such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.

This list will help you better pack for Axialfest 2018! Stay tuned for the second video where AMain Hobbies will show you what to have in your camp.

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Source: AMain Hobbies