Aerox Razor 190mm touring car body


After ywo years development with a leading F1 Aerodynamicist, Schumacher have introduced the new Aerox Razor high downforce 1/10 190mm touring car body designed with ultimate performance in mind. The body was developted using a state of the art CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis to maximise down force and reduce drag. It features a maximised double front splitter that creates a pressure differential that provides front aerodynamic grip and a uniquely adjustable curved rear wing to adjust downforce, balance and drag (The purchase of an alternative wing is not required). The upturned leading edge on the wing allows airflow to remain attached, improving its efficiency. The maximised length of the body improves two aspects:

  1. More surface area for developing load i.e downforce and reducing lift.
  2. Secondly drag reduction, the air passing over the body has to work less hard, deviating at a lower angle than normal, reducing drag and increasing speed.

The Aerox Razor body is BRCA and ROAR approved and comes clear and unpainted with an overspray film, lights and decal set and instruction sheet. Are also including the wing and mounting hardware.

Source: Schumacher Racing