Sober & Bauer win at Dutch 1/8 nitro on-road Nats Rd2


Last weekend was held the second round of the Dutch 1/8 nitro on-road Nationals at the AMCA track in Apeldoorn. If the weekend started with a nice weather, the weather conditions have changed and after two of the three rounds of qualifying, the finals were held in wet conditions. In the 30-minute final in the NK class Joey Sorber took easely the win followed by Roy Bakker in second and Martin Zevenhoven in third.

NK final results:

  1. Joey Sorber
  2. Roy Bakker
  3. Martin Zevenhoven
  4. Arie Manten
  5. Benny Ciere
  6. Donny Blommers
  7. Addie der Ven
  8. Robbin Hertong
  9. Jeffrey Rietveld
  10. Marco Kruse

In the Nomac Cup class Stanley Bauer took the win by two laps in front of Gerben Agten and Peter Berkhout in second and third respectively.

Nomac final results:

  1. Stanley Bauer
  2. Gerben Agten
  3. Peter Berkhout
  4. Emiel Jansen
  5. Frank Rüben
  6. Peter van Marion
  7. Alex Everling
  8. Peter de Jongh
  9. Freek van Delft
  10. Dylan Roks

Source: Momac