Bittydesign 1/10 Touring & Formula Car Stand


Bittydesign Co. have introduced a car stand for 1/10 Touring Car and Formula. The car-Stand features a unique style and different, something cool and modern, and of course a product that can be customized with the same style as the body shell.

“at Bittydesign Co. we like to develop UNIQUE products, that’s why this time we spent our time to design a new accessory for those who like to take care not only of the body shell but also of their pit space.”

3D CAD design for a real Premium quality

For each of their projects Bittydesign collaborate with expert engineers of surfaces who can follow their ideas and guidelines to create products with an attractive design thinked for the rc enthusiast who take care of the smallest particulars; the details of the car stand are treated manically in order to offer a simple product made at the same time with the best quality possible thanks to a meticulous Cad design that leaves no room for mediocrity.

Limitless customization!

What makes this car stand unique is the possibility to personalize it with the same style of your body, the visual impact on your working table is rather scenographic and professional, a touch of class for all those racers who love to take care of the aesthetics not only of its body shell but also of the workstation area. A practical couple of trays on the front end also allows you to contain the clips and various small parts in order to find it quickly when needed.

Source: Bittydesign