Amirul Rafiq sweeps 2018 KL Grand Prix Challenge Cup


Last weekend was held the 2018 KL Grand Prix Challenge Cup at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The race saw massive weather changes. Since it was raining heavily on late Saturday, race day turns out to be hot and sunny. In the 1/8 on-road class, in the first round of qualification Yee Kok Leong (Shepherd) was the fastest but in Q2 Amirul Rafiq (Shepherd) managed to overtook Yee Kok Leong by a margin of only one second. In the last round Rafiq improved his previous time to gain the overall TQ from Yee Kok Leong in second and Anthony Wee in third.

In the 60-minute A-main final Rafiq and Austin Wong who was qualified in seventh made a clean start and left the pack far away. After an intense battle between them in the first 20-minute, Rafiq slowly opened a gap. The battle for second place began between Yee Kok Leong and Austin Wong until approximately 12-minute before the end of the race. Rafiq was hit by a backmarker which caused a rear tower pin to came out but he managed to grab the win in front of Kk lim in second and Billy cheah in third.

Final results:

  1. Amirul Rafiq (Shepherd)
  2. Kk lim
  3. Billy cheah
  4. Austin wong (Shepherd)
  5. Yong kok oun
  6. Yee Kok Leong (Shepherd)
  7. Ben sew
  8. Richard how
  9. Haji Jusri
  10. Baha
  11. Neil (Shepherd)
  12. Anthony Wee
  13. Wui Kiat Tay (Shepherd)

Source: Team Shepherd