Léo Arnold wins at French 1/10 Nitro On-road champs Rd2


Past week-end, was held the second round of the French 1/10 Nitro On-road nationals at the famous Ampuis track. This track is one of the nicest in France due to his high rhythm and the mix of slow and fast technical corner which requires a perfect setup on the car. This year, qualification is on 4 minutes and only the best time is count for the ranking. At this game, Léo Arnold took the overall TQ followed by his team mate Michael Derderian and Kevin Rasquin in third. The first two drivers are directly qualified for the 45min main final.

In the final, Arnold start from the pole and never quit this position to win the race by more than 3 laps on Quentin Leroux. In third Derderian made a nice race to come back on the podium after have lost almost one lap due to a flame out on the starting grid. One of the key of this final was the tires strategy due to the huge tire wear. Léo and Michael were the only 2 to change two times while the rest of the field made only one stop. For the championship, Léo Arnold extend his lead after his win at the first round also. Next round is on the Clermont Ferrand track, host of the 1/8 world championship in 1999.

Source: XRAY