Yokomo YRX-12 is now in final stage of development


For the IFMAR World Championship Electric On Road class to be held in South Africa from August 9, 2018, the development of a new 1/12 Racing is in progress at a rapid pace. In the last world championship, Yokomo YRX-12 achieved TQ, and three cars are in A main, but now the designer Naoya Kitagawa is in a final stage to complete new YRX-12 push back to the world champion again. While utilizing the current YRX-12 components, a new front suspension system is installed in the new aluminum main chassis. Furthermore, while applying modifying with conscious of the world top level race such as setting of pitching damper corresponding to the high side, the front suspension also supports kingpin & coil type which is easy to handle, such as actual warfare considering the ease of setting at new car.

The product is scheduled to be released around July 2018, and of course all Japan champions Toto Ebukuro, Yoshi and Toshi Yanagisawa brothers will also be competing in the world championship with this new car. Stay tuned!

Source: Yokomo