Contact GP report


The Contact GP took place for the first time last weekend. It was very well attended as we had 96 drivers at the event. The entries were mainly GT12, also with 3 heats of 13.5 blinky touring cars and 1 heat of LMP12. If you haven’t yet visited the MB Models race track, it will surely open your eyes. A fantastic permanent indoor venue, on site model shop and on site cafe cooking great food at good prices. A new track was designed by the MB Models track crew, many drivers saying what a brilliant lay out it was.

The race format was four rounds of qualifying and one final for everyone. For GT12 and touring cars the duration was 6 minutes and for LMP12 it was 8 minutes. This was done on round by round qualifying with the best 2 qualifying results to count towards the final grid position. In qualifying it was very close at the top all day in GT12 between the Zen of Ollie Payne and the Schumacher Atom CC of Aidan Ripley. It went down to the last qualifying heat, which went to Ollie so he lined up on Pole for the A final. For the 13.5 blinky touring car class it was Scott Scholey who would come out on top in qualifying and therefore line up on pole position for the A final. LMP12 saw Schumacher’s Andy Murray take 3 out of the 4 qualifying rounds so he would also line up on pole.

The finals saw many great races and brilliant clean racing by most drivers. There were some very close results in most of the finals. After all of the racing action, here are the A final results:

GT12 A Final

  1. Ollie Payne – Zen
  2. Aidan Ripley – Schumacher Atom
  3. Nathan Goodban – Schumacher Atom
  4. Greg Williams – Schumacher Atom
  5. David Gale – Schumacher Atom
  6. Ben Elliott – Zen
  7. Peter Craig – Schumacher Atom
  8. Arran Turner – Schumacher Atom
  9. Chris Clarke – Schumacher Atom
  10. Joshua Coult – Schumacher Atom

13.5 Blinky Touring car A Final

  1. Thomas Gill
  2. David Sedgwick
  3. Scott Scholey
  4. Gavin Stephenson
  5. Michael Ball
  6. Morgan Thompson
  7. Sam Law
  8. Jordan Atha
  9. Simon Harris
  10. Chris Foster

LMP12 A Final

  1. Andy Murray – Schumacher Eclipse
  2. Rory Hobkirk
  3. Dave Sedgwick
  4. Graham Raistrick
  5. Peter Hastings
  6. Glenn Atterton
  7. Vincent Formosa

Once the racing had finished the traditional presentation took place, as it was Easter, there were Easter Eggs for the top 3 in every final, the winner of each final also won a Contact RC glass set up board. Next up was the famous Schumacher raffle. There was at least one raffle prize available to someone in each final, congratulations to all of the lucky winners.

A special mention must be said to Alessandro Giubbilei. He travelled all the way from Italy to be at this race and he had a superb time. He said it was fantastic to meet everyone he had been talking to before the event and put a face to the name. It was also great to meet you Alessandro and we are pleased you enjoyed it. It will be great to see some more of your Italian race friends travel over next time!