Shepherd Velox E8 4S 1/8 electric on-road kit


Shepherd Micro Racing have introduced the new Velox E8 4S 1/8 electric on-road kit. Based on the Velox E8 platform, the Velox E8 was developed to meet the demand for a low-cost and high-performance electric drive. Furthermore, the new Velox E8 4S also complies with the regulations of the newly created EFRA 1/8 electric on-road class.

The updated radio-plate now carries two Shorty-LiPo’s as well as the speed controler. The batteries are centered in the middle of the vehicle allowing an optimal balance. By positioning them as far backward as possible the traction was improved significantly, which is required when using high-torque electric motors. The speed controler is mounted directly on the chassis. Nevertheless it is easily accessible and supplied with fresh air to prevent it from overheating.

The redesigned motor mount accommodates a variety of different 1/8 electric motors and a built-in carbon fibre fan mount allows the installation of a large 40mm fan. As a result a moderate operating temperature of the electric motor is ensured without having to cut ventilation holes into the body. The symmetrical chassis plate is characterized by ventilation openings and supports the cooling of the electronic components.

Team Shepherd