Papachristos wins at Greek Nationals Rd1


The first round of the Greek Nationals Touring Modified was held at Fanatix Racing track. Pole position was earned by ex-Greek champion Doukakis with just seven tenths difference from Papachristos. Three seconds behind was 2016 Greek champion Isaakidis and just four tenths behind was Ioannidis.

In leg 1 Doukakis was passed by Papachristos in the first lap who created a big gap over Doukakis. Ioannidis finished in third. In leg 2 Papachristos span out in the first lap and opened the door to Isaakidis and Ioannidis. With Doukakis in front there was a great battle between Isaakidis and Ioannidis. After Ioannidis had passed him it was a three-drivers fight where the young driver passed Doukakis in the ending laps taking the win in leg 2 with Doukakis second and Isaakidis third. Leg 3 was the decider of the race as the first four drivers could take the win. Ioannidis was hit from the back in the first corner, so he was out of contention as he dropped back in ninth position but made a good comeback run and finished fourth. Doukakis had a problem with his diff and finished fifth so it was Papachristos who took the win securing P1 overall with Isaakidis finishing second and securing P4 overall.