Thilo Tödtmann takes 2018 International FEMCA Asia On-road title


Last week saw the 2018 International FEMCA Asia On-road Championship taking place at Tom Racing Circuit in Hongkong. The race was saw an exciting qualification in which two rounds had been won by Team Shepherd driver Thilo Tödtmann with Meen Meen taking the final three. After the qualification the super-pole took place and Thilo was able to clock the fastest lap taking the second direct place in the mainfinal.

For the grand final Thilo opted not to change tires while Meen started on small tires planning to do a tire change. At the beginning of the race Meen slowly pulled away from Thilo while Shepherd’s Chau Man Chan protected his position against Nicholas Lee and Felix Law further down the order. When the tires came in Thilo was able to set the fastest lap of the race and the gap to Meen didn’t increase anymore being about 8-10 sec. Everybody was waiting for the showdown of Meen and Thilo battling it out in the 2nd part of the race. Unfortunately a mechanic on the track ended Meens chances as he broke his car when hitting the mechanic’s feet. With his main competitor having had to retire Thilo switched to cruise mode for the remaining 25 minutes and took the 2018 International FEMCA title in front of Felix Law and Chau Man Chan.