HUDY 2.5mm ejector pivot pin & alternating pivot 2.5mm for drive pin replacement tool



HUDY have introduced an ejector pivot pin 2.5mm and an alternating pivot 2.5mm for use with drive pin replacement tool to replace 2.5mm drive pins in drive shafts. One of the leading causes of ill-handling cars comes from improperly working suspension caused by drivetrain binding. In cars of all scales it is important to check and regularly replace the drive pins before they wear flat. A worn pin can cause inconsistent handling and poor overall performance. It is well known that drivers in the past have gone to great lengths to either replace their pins frequently or incur the cost of replacing the compete drive shaft. The compact, heavy-duty tool set will allow you to quickly & easily change worn pins in a matter of minutes. The ejector pivot pins and alternating pivots are now available for 3mm and 2.5mm pins.