Markus Hellquist wins at South Swedish Indoor Cup


The 4th round of the South Swedish Indoor Cup was hosted by Wäxjö MS at their new home track in Vislanda. The track was medium-sized, with good, but slightly unpredictable traction. The race saw some open practice available on Friday, with the race being constrained to Saturday only. There were 2 rounds of practice, 3 rounds of qualification only counting the fastest round. It all ended with 3 finals. The race saw 3 classes. Modified Touring, Touring 13,5T Stock and F1. This report will focus on the Modified class.

Jumping straight to the Qualifying rounds Markus Hellquist set the pace winning all three of the rounds. For the placement 3-4 there would be a close battle through all rounds, but Daniel Carlsson secured the 2nd place, less than 2 seconds ahead of Fabian Vernersson.

The finals saw a lot of overtakes and excitement. Going into the first A-main, Markus Hellquist flipped is car on a curb during the first lap and came out in last place. Daniel Carlsson took the opportunity to take the lead and to get himself a gap to the rest of the field. Markus Hellquist fought his way back up the field, and overtook 4 cars in 4 laps, going up to the second place, a couple of seconds behind the Daniel. Markus had the pace and took in some serious time on the leader, but a couple of mistakes here and there kept the distance. Going into the last minutes of the race Markus caught up, and there would be an intense battle for a while, but only 4 laps before the finish, Daniel made a small mistake, flipping the car and letting Markus go by to secure the first final, after a comeback from last position. Fabian Vernersson took the 3rd place, just 0.1 seconds ahead of Erik Ström.

Going into the second A-main, it would turn out to be less dramatic in the top 2 spots, with Markus finishing ahead of Daniel. But there was a very intense battle between Erik Ström and Fabian Vernersson. Some incidents in the first lap made them lose positions, but for the rest of the race Erik and Fabian overtook 2 cars, while still battling each other. Fabian took the 3rd place, ahead of Erik Ström in fourth, this time only 0.4 seconds apart.

Going into the 3rd final, Markus Hellquist already secured the title. Daniel Carlsson made a first lap mistake, and with Markus not finishing the run, the battle for first would be between Erik and Fabian, with Fabian ahead of Erik until the 3rd lap from the finish, Fabian made a small mistake and Erik Ström would take home the A3 win.

Overall Markus Hellquist won ahead of Daniel Carlsson, with Erik Ström securing the 3rd place in the end.

Modified results:

  1. Markus Hellquist – XRAY T4
  2. Daniel Carlsson – Associated
  3. Erik Ström – XRAY T4