Pipo Bastidas doubles at Ecuador Championship


This past weekend was held the Vala championship at Hobby Store track in Quito, Ecuador. Serpent’s Pipo Bastidas would sweep both 1/10 sedan 200mm and 1/8 IC classes. In the quite amazing 1/10 sedan 200mm final, Pipo made a clean start and secured his victory. Capricorn’s Hermann Saa and Serpent’s Tito Jativa rounded out the top 3.

In the 1/8 IC final Pipo Bastidas and Martín Campaña started an epic wheel to wheel battle called by The crowd “La Pelea de gallos” “The Fight of Roosters” from the start to the end of the race. In the end Pipo took another victory from his team mate Campaña in second and Capricorn’s Damián Proaño in third.