Capricorn F1-02 Formula Car Kit


Capricorn RC are happy to introduce their latest 1/10th Scale Formula car. Named F1-02, the new car now sports a full carbon front end on which the adjustments are achieved via eccentrics, with ranges that go from 3° to 12° for the Caster angle – with 3° steps – and from 1° to 2.5° for the Camber angle (0.5° steps). The servo is now fixed in the in-line configuration while the li-po can be mounted either in the in-line or cross position. The front downstop is easily adjustable thanks to the threaded kingpins and the rear weight position is also adjustable for a perfect balance. The shock features a droop adjustment and a rear aluminium lightweight axle comes in the kit. The already introduced laser-cut precision shims continue to be used for the adjustment of the front roll centre and rear ride height.