Pro-Line Impulse 1.9” black internal bead-loc wheel


Pro-Line have introduced the new I Impulse 1.9” black internal bead-loc wheel for rock crawlers. These all-new Impulse wheels are designed to not only look scale but to be super easy to use by only requiring 6 screws per wheel for mounting tires. The unique 3-piece plastic wheel design bolts together in the back and locks on to Pro-Line”s incredible list of 1.9″ Crawling Tires. The back of this 12mm hex Rock Crawling 1.9″ wheel also accepts Pro-Line”s Brass Brake Rotor Weights (sold separately) for additional looks and performance. The overall wheel width and wheel offset are the same as Pro-Line”s line of 1.9″ Aluminum Pro-Forge Wheels, so you know they will fit your truck and look good doing it.