Pro-Line Badlands MX28 2.8″ All Terrain Truck Tyres


Pro-Line have introduced the new Badlands MX28 2.8″ All Terrain Truck tyres. The Badlands tyres are known for having sweet Motocross inspired tread and the all-new Badlands MX28 tyres kick that up a notch with a Bigger and Bolder knobby tread that matches modern MX tyre design. The Badlands MX28 is a true All-Terrain tyre that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose & loamy dirt, mud or grass. Compared to the previous Pro-Line Badlands tyres, you can expect even better traction, improved wear resistance and enhanced style.

The Badlands MX28 2.8″ is available pre-mounted on F-11 2.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) stone gray wheels and also pre-mounted on F-11 2.8” 17mm black wheels.