CTS Race Report


Last weekend RiseUp Hobbytown in Palm Desert California hosted its inaugural race having just opened it’s doors last month in preparation for the season opener of the Competition Touring Series.
Rob Thomas and Jonathan Vandermolen put together an awesome facility which includes a full line Hobby Shop, Arcade and Indoor Carpet Track for both Onroad and Offroad Racing along with Drone Racing.

Racers were met with what was described as one of the nicest indoor facilities to host the CTS series and fresh black CRC carpet. The track layout design saw some very fast lap times but challenged even the best drivers with some nail bitting sections that would make or break your lap time or car… The CTS series is normally a 4 class series consisting of Spec Touring Car 17.5, USGT 21.5, Modified Touring Car, Formula 1 21.5. RiseUp Hobbytown added 2 additional classes into the mix with Spec Euro Truck and 1/12th 17.5.

Friday was open practice and many took the day off work to get a little extra time in on the layout before Saturdays seeding and quals. Racers came from most of the western states and as far as Maryland to race the opening round of the CTS series. Hotel prices in the area would keep the turnout a little lighter than normal the event.

Saturday morning kicked off with open practice in the am followed by seeding practice which took your best 3 consecutive laps to seed you into a qualifier… Mike Braun sat in as race director for the event running a smooth and consistent event. Top seed for Spec Touring Car 17.5 was Brandon Clements: USGT 21.5 Clayton Young: Modified Touring Car JJ Wang: Formula 1 21.5 Brandon Clements: Euro Truck Arman Deforest: 1/12th 17.5 Mark Barden. After seeding would follow the 1st and only round of qualifying for the day then more open practice before shutting it down for the night.

Sunday started again with open practice and saw the grip level on the track increase on the new carpet as the groove was coming in. After Practice was the drivers meeting followed by national anthem and Concourse competition. Steve Burgess would take top paint honors with his Associated F6 with PROTOform 1F-Fifteen body.

Two more qualifiers would follow before the mains and TQ honors would go to the following Spec Touring Car 17.5 Brandon Clements: USGT 21.5 Clayton Young: Modified Touring Car JJ Wang: Formula 1 21.5 Brandon Clements: Euro Truck Arman Deforest: 1/12th 17.5 Mark Barden. Racing would be hot and heavy in the mains with many drivers not getting the best starts going into the chicane. Lap times were fast and it was XRays JJ Wang with the hot lap of the weekend at a 7.814.

One of the most watched races of the weekend other than modified was the Euro Truck class… Many liken Euro Trucks as the Traxxas Slash of Onroad… The class had a great turnout and included 2 families who battled hard on the track….The Kaufmann’s and the Dee’s, Its always great to see families enjoying the sport of RC and this class is a great entry way into our sport.

Spec Touring Car 17.5 A-Main Results (Left to Right) JD Ramsey 2nd, Brandon Clements 1st, Ryan Cooper 3rd

USGT 21.5 A-Main Results (Left to Right) Juan Aveytia 2nd, Clayton Young 1st, Doug Rebal 3rd

Modified Touring Car A-Main Results (Left to Right) Brandon Clements 2nd, JJ Wang 1st, Rick Hohwart 3rd

Formula 1 21.5 A-Main Results (Left to Right) Steve Burgess 2nd, Brandon Clements 1st, Chuck Howell 3rd

Euro Truck A-Main Results (Left to Right) Johnathan Lee 2nd, Arman Deforest 1st, Jeremy De Coster 3rd

1/12th 17.5 A-Main Results (Left to Right) Jacob Cruz 2nd, Mark Barden 1st, Blake Webster 3rd

Thanks to Lex Tyler for putting together another great series and giving RiseUp the opportunity to host the 1st round of the CTS Series and to the RiseUp crew who did an awesome job preparing the facility for its first of many races to come which went off without a hitch.

Thanks to Steve “Rugspin” Burgess for the report.