RPM Stampede 2WD rear bumper


RPM have introduced the new rear bumper for the Traxxas Stampede 2WD. The rear bumper combines awesome scale looks with performance that works. It is designed to protect the rear of the chassis, the motor and the body, all while still allowing the use of a stock Traxxas Wheelie Bar. Additionally, if you decide to run without the Wheelie Bar, this rear bumper is so versatile, it’ll adapt and allow either configuration.

RPM’s rear bumper consists of a scale bumper that uses design elements from many of today’s top full-scale bumper manufacturers. It start with an upper tubular shape, followed by faux stamped sheet metal filleted holes, a scale license plate area and with a final touch of a pair of scale 3” square openings for 5mm LEDs. The bumper allows you to install your favorite 5mm LEDs (not included) to be used as taillights, reverse lights or any other use you can imagine.